Abi Ocia has one of the most stunning voices that I have heard in quite some time. It is soulful angelic tones are so moving that you can intimately hear the feeling of every word that releases. I just want to keep hitting repeat and I want more of her music to be released. She has a few videos posted on her Facebook that want you begging for more or to simply just load the entire video. I recently heard a version of “Can’t Make You Love Me” and of course in true myself form, I commented. She graciously acknowledge my comment. The artistry this woman posses is nothing sure of amazing. There isn’t too much of her solo work out there but she has been featured as a vocalist with artists such as Draper. There is also a great version of her song “Running” mixed with Drake and produced by DJ Cones. I didn’t give too much of her background for I believe there is no need for her voice and music explains it all. To support this artist please listen and download.

Abi Ocia

Songs: Running, Expo (Stripped), Konfyt

 Featured vocals: Draper РHome, Drake РRunning (produced by DJ Cones)

Website: https://soundcloud.com/abi-ocia







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Sharing music that I like to listen to.

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