Ethan Gruska is a singer-songwriter from and based in Los Angeles. Gruska hails from a highly profiled family, his father is Jay Gruska who writes music for television/film and his maternal grandfather the famous film composer, John Williams. He had many heads turning a few years ago with his detailed and polished sound, that gave him and his sister, Barbara, recognition of their impeccable style as the band, The Belle Brigade. A band I was somewhat familiar with, only like 2-3 songs but I am actually new to Ethan Gruska’s solo music. Introduced last year sometime through one of my many resources for discovering new music. Gruska’s song, What Are You Thinking Of? is what seriously drew me in. It was this hauntingly beautiful delicate piece that had me submerged in thought about my life, family and friends. I listened on repeat all day long. Neighbors was equally a song that had me reflect. Don’t get me wrong the entire album, Slowmotionary (2017) is fantastic, these were the two that resonated with me on a personal level. The album will speak for itself…a journey of Ethan’s life it would seem. Memories of growing up in pieces, different sections of his life experiences, like the song, The Valley and Teenage Drug. Another thing I noticed that stood out was his high register and falsetto vocals. Sweet and tender like the music that accompanies this airy voice. Anyway, take a listen for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Please continue to support all artists. It isn’t always an easy life no matter who you are connected to. It takes real fortitude to pour your heart out and be vulnerable with your emotions. Braveness. Listen and download.

Ethan Gruska

Songs: What Are You Thinking Of?, Neighbors, Me Who Wasn’t Trying, Teenage Drug, Short Film, Reoccurring Dream, Rather Be, Time Is The Healer, The Valley

Albums: Slowmotinary, Mahogany Sessions



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