I have never really considered myself a religious person but rather a spiritual one. I believe we are all God’s children in whatever religion you believe. At the end of the day to me it’s one God but in different formations to make those feel comfortable in his presence, hence all the different religions in today’s society. It was and is God’s way to connect to us if that’s what it takes.

I am sure some of you are wondering how could I like Christian music…but you must remember who you are reading from. I am a lover of most, if not all music. This genre being one of them ever since I had the profound stumble of Jars Of Clay when I was interning with BMG Distribution. Yep, I was that kid that went around to the record stores (when we had more of them) and put up posters on the walls and end caps to promote artists under the BMG Distribution umbrella of record labels. During that time I had a copy of Jars Of Clay’s first album and the rest, well was history. It was Alternative Rock but Christian. I was amazed that this was around, so by listening to them led me to others, like Switchfoot, etc…Years later I have found even more bands to listen to. And that’s where comes this group of talented people, Red Rocks Worship. I came to them by an introduction to a song that featured Nicole Serrano. I totally dug her voice and thought, who is this? So I started doing what I do best. Researching this artist and her on-goings to find that she has done guest performances but is primarily a part of Red Rocks Worship as a songwriter and a lead singer. I am not entirely sure but I believe everyone contributes to writing the music but man I gotta tell you that the music and lyrics are brilliantly composed. Not to mention the ones also driving this incredible work, the musicians. The vocal arrangements are superbly seasoned with many sharing in the limelight. I love that. Everyone part takes in the making and performing of this music. A blessed unity of musical bliss. I mean I became an instant fan. I played, All I Want on repeat for a solid hour. It just made me feel good to listen to them but that I also found their music. If I hadn’t been introduced to that wonderful song, which I will share in a compilation posting in the future and dug Nicole Serrano’s voice then I wouldn’t be here featuring this wonderful group of people. Red Rocks Worship have self-released several EP’s through their church, The Rooftop EP (2014), Into The Light (2015), Living Liturgies EP (2016). A year later after they formed, Red Rocks Worship inked a deal with Sony Music/Essential Worship. Here – Live (2017) was released and filmed at the Paramount in Denver, CO.  All their music is available on iTunes. I am sharing a few of my favorite tracks. I understand it may not be your cup of tea but I believe it’s worth the aural experience. Listen and download.

Red Rocks Worship

Songs: More, All I Want, How I Love You (Linda’s Song), Love Changes Everything, How Great Your Love Is, Nobody Like You, You Don’t Forget, I Will Trust, Echo The Son, Fill This Place, God With Us, Not Afraid

Albums: The Rooftop EP, Into The Light, Here – Live

Website: http://www.redrocksworship.com/




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