Bernhoft (Jarle Bernhoft) is a multi-instrumentalist singer from Norway. He did live in NYC for about a year (2014-2015) but has since moved back to Osio, Norway. He has been in a number of bands, notably Span. To me it has always just been him, solo. This discovery was much needed a few years ago. It’s taken me this long to share this wonderful artist with you. One thing that stood out about Bernhoft is his soulful rich vocals, high falsetto (Prince-like), guitar playing and the fact that he is a one many show. Categorically you would be peg him only as a singer-songwriter, however there is much more there, that it’s like a pulling back a layer at a time. R&B blended with saucy undertones of funkadelic, soul rock, beat boxing, bluesy greatness. It’s like a fantastic mesh of cleverness. It has me just shaking my head, toe tapping, dancing standing or sitting. It’s feel good jams. There are so many tracks I would like to share with you but I will leave that for you to dabble with. His cover, which he’s known for of Tears For Fears, Shout is pretty good. Judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Listen, download and support this artist.


Songs: Esiwak, So Many Faces, Don’t Let Me Go, C’mon Talk, Choices, Fly Away, Come Around With Me, Stay With Me, A Bad Place To Reside, Shout (TFF cover)

Albums: Ceramik City Chronicles, Solidarity Breaks, Walk With Me, Islander



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