A Canadian band formed in Vancouver, BC with the belief that beautiful music can be intimate and grand. This was a stumble, a great one. I am very much a lover of ambient music that can express sounds interpreted in many forms, like nature perhaps. Most of the time music like what Inward Oceans creates is more like a movie score, that’s what I hear but not just for a movie but for your life. A cinematic soundtrack for your life so to speak. That is what gets me going when I hear ambient music. And that is exactly what this band has done. I can submerge in my thoughts and moments of time in my life and add this as the background music. A conjure of moving memories, good and bad. I love doing that. When music like this makes you do that, then it’s good. Instantly happened with Inward Oceans. The name says it all…an ocean of emotions, an ocean of beauty, angry and gentle. If this kind of music moves you, then this might be right up your musical alley. Listen, support, download and enjoy creating your cinematic score of your life with this band.

Inward Oceans

Songs: Valleys, Rolling Through, Distant Lights, After The Storm, Saved, Field of White, Sisters, Amelioration, Paths from Home, Tornado Circles

Albums: Weather The Storm, Paths from Home

Website: http://www.inwardoceans.com



About auralfxation

Sharing music that I like to listen to.

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