An indie pop rock band from Sweden formed in December of 2012, taking their name either from an old make of Volvo or the female warriors of Greek mythology. It is made up of vocalist Amanda Bergman (also known as Hajen, Jaw Lesson and Idiot Wind), guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Gustav Ejstes (from Dungen), keyboardist Pontus Winnberg (from Miike Snow and Avant of producing duo Bloodshy and Avant), drummer Nils Törnqvist (from Little Majorette) and bassist Petter Winnberg (from Little Majorette).  Pegged a super group for having success with other projects, they released their first EP (same title) around August 2013 with Flygplasten EP (2015) to follow under the Swedish label Ingrid. I read an interview that states, they were signed to Universal Music Group but ultimately severing ties with the label due to conflicts of creativity, etc. A story told one too many times.  Amanda’s vocals are flawless and reminiscent of Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac), everything on point. So on point that, the band won a Grammis (Swedish Grammy) for the release of their debut full length album, Sky City (2015).  Amason’s sound is sure to please with an 80’s pop rock feel mixed with a synthy indie rock vibe; well seasoned to the touch. Their recent release of the EP, California Airport Love (2016) includes covers of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” and The Mama and The Papas, “California Dreamin'”. Both exceptional covers, some of the best versions I have heard. I don’t know, I just dig their sound, it’s slick and polished…and I love they have songs in Swedish, it makes my ears happy! Please support this artist! Listen and download!


Songs: Yellow Moon, Went To War, Duvan, Alen, Kelly, Algen, Paradis I Krisen, Airport, Margins, California Dreamin, I Want To Know What Love Is

Albums: Sky City, EP, Flygplatsen, California Airport Love


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