About 7 years ago I discovered the music of Damien Jurado by chance and I was instantly hooked. Some of you may know of him already but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share his beautiful music with those of you that don’t know who he is. He began his start in Seattle with releasing his own music on cassettes on his own label he created called Casa Recordings. By that time he had gained a cult following locally and the attention of Jeremy Engik whose band was signed to Sup Pop; who in turn had the label interested and they signed Jurado. To date in total, he has released 16 albums/live albums and 15 EP’s. I have so many favorites to share and this a tough decision but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t make your way to discover your own favorites. I am certain that you will find that one that you relate to, he has many beautifully written songs. Recently, I watched a video of his upcoming 50 state tour (see video below) announcement and he described his reason for doing this, a re-connection with humanity so to speak. A true testament of what kind of amazing artist he is:

“It started as a dream as I drove past so many neighborhoods and towns on my way the “major market”. I have watched our choice to connect to the experience in front of us dwindle away, only to be replaced with connection to a screen. We are told what is success, sold what is the “it” thing, and fed what people think we should know. Its not that any of those are bad, but on their own, they are nothing. We are nothing without the connection to one another. We are blesssed to live in a beautiful world FULL of incredible people. If that isn’t worth getting together and celebrating, I dont know what is. Join me in celebrating our country and the things that not only make us the same but also the beauty of our differences.”

Jurado’s indie rock singer-songwriter style is one to be reckon with…the music and lyrics are a slice of heaven and his voice is like butter. This artist is a definite must listen to…a must. Take the musical journey with this artist, it will be a heck of an experience. Discover, download and enjoy.

Damien Jurado

Songs: Maraqopa, Everything Trying, Sheets, Abilene, I Can’t Get Over You, Hoquiam, Denton Tx, Silver Joy, On The Land Blues, Horizons

Albums: Maraqopa, Caught in the Trees, Where Shall You Take Me?, And Now That I’m in Your Shadow, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, Tumbledown

Website: http://damienjurado.com

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