Well I’ve been gone for a while. For good reason? No. I was wandering aimlessly looking for something to rock my insides and mind but nothing has. What is up with that? There were a few close calls I must say but nothing to harp about or share with you. I know some of you have sent suggestions to write about but they have to resonate with my soul. You can understand that, can’t you? My music blog isn’t about, “oh what’s cool right now” kind of blog. I mean don’t get wrong not everything I heard was bad, but I must have a bit of a connection in order to listen, write, purchase and share with you. Remember my tagline, “Postings of worthy music aurally.”

Sometime this week I will have a couple of artists to share with you. I hope you like what you read and hear. Thank you for all the support in reading my blog. It means the world.

– Auralfxation

About auralfxation

Sharing music that I like to listen to.

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