Natalie Duncan is a half Jamaican, a quarter English and a quarter Greek soul-blues singer-songwriter from London. She was actually born in Nottingham in 1988, where she created music until moving to London in 2011. She released her debut EP Natalie Alexis Duncan on the Farmyard Records label in 2009 and then featured in BBC2’s Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment which was broadcast in March/April 2011. This modest and shy singer-songwriter has it all musically. The way her compositions are infused with the soul in her voice, the blues in her vibrato and her ability to play classical keys. How utterly surprised I was to hear the classical influence mixed with a jazzy soul-blues sound. I was immediately encapsulated once she began to sing, Devil In Me. Her music overall is quite refreshing and yet reminiscent of some good old fashion soul-blues singers from the present to the past. Duncan just released her debut album, Devil In Me (recorded at Real World Studios: Peter Gabriel’s recording studio)  on the Verve label in July 2012. Hopefully you will dig this artist just as much as me. At the moment you can’t download her music in the Itunes U.S. store but you can receive a free download from her website of Sky Is Falling live from the studios. In the meantime listen to the musical makings of Natalie Duncan.

Natalie Duncan

songs: Devil In Me, Uncomfortable Silence, Sky Is Falling, Lonely Child

album: Devil In Me





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