A band from Australia, New Navy took the music scene by storm with their debut Uluwatu EP; I’m in love with this EP on several levels and here’s why. Upon my stumble of this band/EP, I found myself thinking vocally, a hint of  Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters featured 5/2/11) and with their indie pop and summery vibes it was like a slight mix of Depeche Mode and many others. Riding off the wave of popularity from their Zimbabwe single which featured on Triple J’s Hottest 100 and landed itself a spot on the French Kitsune label compilation. In that time New Navy covered Telepopmusik’s Breathe, which just as wonderful as when Telepopmusik released the song in 2002. The band is progressively on the move  to follow up with a refreshed approach and new material in late 2012. New Navy’s live set has also brought in new elements, responding to the partying crowds at summer festivals, which coined them by several media outlets as one band to watch in 2012. New Navy are firing on all canons and will be back touring Australia when the weather warms. “For now though, you’ll find them on a beach somewhere, beer stuck in the sand and acoustic in hand.” So, keep the hype going by supporting their musical endeavors by listening and downloading. They will be sure to please aurally.

New Navy

songs: Oceans, Zimbabwe, What Was Golden, Tapioca, Animals, Fire Fire, Breathe

albums: Uluwatu EP

website: http://www.newnavy.com.au/







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