Some of you may already know this band but I just became acquainted with them recently through an acoustic performance that I saw online. Hey Rosetta! is an indie rock band from St. Johns, NewFoundland, Canada. This band is known for their energized shows which is massively layered with piano, violin, cello that incorporates with that traditional four piece garage rock band sound. With that being said, Hey Rosetta! have earned a devoted following for playing such explosive shows. They have named Jeff Buckley and The Beatles, to name a couple as influences to their music style. The band has released two full-length albums: Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood) (2008), Seeds (2011) and three EP’s: Hey Rosetta! (2005), Plan Your Escape (2006), Red Song (2010). While recording their breakthrough album, Into Your Lungs (2008), is when the founder of the band Tim Baker realized his vocal and lyrical ability which really catapulted the band into their creative world. And the end result was several awards including one of Billboard’s Top 5 new Canadian acts. After the release of Into Your Lungs and during a solid three years of touring is when the album Seeds was born. I just love Tim Baker’s take on the whole birth of  it’s title track also called Seeds, “The title track, ‘Seeds’, came about while out on the highway a few years ago. In a way it’s about what our lives had become, and how we’re like seeds that float around into different fields and cities, bringing something and trying to build something for the people that come to see us.”  As of October 2011, ATO Records proudly announced the signing of the band, a headlining U.S. fall tour and the release of their album, Seeds in the U.S. this month. I’m so excited for it’s release. They’re still on their Canadian label, Sonic Records. Hey Rosetta! is worth the aural experience. Listen and download.

hey rosetta!

songs: young glass, bandages, red heart, red song

albums: seeds, into your lungs





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