I was in Houston visiting and working a tight and busy schedule with an artist I was managing [no longer] out of Houston. The first time I heard Sarah Golden’s name was from my best friend calling me to come see this girl perform. But by the time I got there I missed the show. I think I even met her briefly that evening. It was one of those blurred fast moments where you are meeting so quickly that neither one of us would truly remember. Anyway, for a while she was hosting a Wednesday open mic night at a bar and another friend that is rather close with her told me that when I’m in town I need to go and see her perform, and well just come out and listen to music. But due to my schedule once again I missed out. Twice missed? What does that mean? Am I never to see this artist live? Maybe third time is a charm?  Let’s hope so.

Sarah Golden is a folk singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. Sarah describes her musical style as ‘new folk’. The youngest of three, Sarah was surrounded by music growing up. Her mother an opera major, a member of the Houston Symphony Choral, a church choir director and music teacher. Her brother is an accomplished lap steel guitar player with award winning band, Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys. I also read somewhere that her father is a photographer and her sister works in theater. Sarah’s voice isn’t the same sounding as all other folk singers, so there are no comparisons in my ears, because she is that unique that she stands out from the rest. So much truth in her vocal projection that you can feel the honesty in every single word she sings. I think her rendition of Scars on 45, Give Me Something is just fantastic. She totally nails it that you’d think it was her song. While doing this full-time she has played along side some great musicians like Trish Murphy, Lloyd Maines and Terri Hendrix to name a few. In 2002, she released her debut album, Truth. As of late, the most remarkable thing happened to her. She auditioned for NBC’s The Voice and she made the cut all the way to the blind auditions that are televised. Monday, February 13, 2012, Sarah went on to perform a folk rendition of Lady Gaga’s, You and I; she had two (Cee-lo and Blake) out of the four judges turn and want her on their team. End result; she chose to be on Cee-lo’s team! Those friends of mine (mentioned above) and others that know her are ecstatic that she has moved forward. Houston is buzzing right now with a beatific smile. Tune in to NBC’s The Voice on Monday nights, 8/7c to see how she does on Team Cee-lo. Support unsigned artists! Watch and listen!

sarah golden

songs: you and I, johnny too blue, give me something, blue moon

album: none

website: http://www.sarahgolden.com



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  1. Web Diva says:

    Yes, Houston is all a buzz with Sarah Golden fever. We are all proud and super excited for her. 🙂 The local news even did a story on her last night after “The Voice” aired.

  2. Anna says:

    She did a great Job…. Go Sarah…

  3. Sarah with the Golden voice…I expect to be seeing and hearing more beautiful folk music from her after the Voice…

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