Lucy Rose is an English singer-songwriter from Warwickshire, England, the birthplace of William Shakespeare (fun fact). At eighteen she moved to London to attend University and study Geography but instead she began experimenting and performing music with other musicians. Around that time she met Jack Steadman another musician and frontman of the band Bombay Bicycle Club. They became fast friends and it was then that Lucy was asked to perform on an acoustic song that Steadman had written, so she sang on the track and ended up singing on several other tracks with the band. Her first three singles were: Red Face, Middle of the Bed and Scar, which features backing vocals from Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club). At the moment she is recording her full-length album at her parents home in Warwickshire and she has been performing several new songs live, a small taste of what is to come on her full-length album. I can’t wait!  She hasn’t had any music placement but it’s a most definite in the foreseeable future. Lucy Rose will begin touring the UK, United States and Canada with the Bombay Bicycle Club and Noah and the Whale (featured in March 2011) in February and March 2012. Vogue magazine has stated that she is “one of indie’s breakout stars for 2012”. So keep your ears and eyes peeled for more Lucy Rose in 2012 and if you get a chance to catch her live in your area, do so. I’m planning on it.

lucy rose

songs: middle of the bed, gamble, scar, red face

album: none





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