Active Child is the project of Pat Grossi, resident of Los Angeles, native of New Jersey. This project is inspired by his days as a choir boy and epic nights as a member of the band Weight Room, “Grossi combines his soaring vocals and crunching analogue synths with the honey drip drop of echoing harps”. Curtis Lane EP (2010), his first release was so well executed in all its’ musical depths that I instantly became a fan. I was fortunate to see Active Child live one night in LA. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. It was a phenomenal show. If you have the opportunity to see him. I highly recommend it. Grossi did end up inking a deal with Vagrant Records in late 2010. One of his released singles, Hanging On was brilliantly remixed by White Sea (featured: August 23, 2011 – White Sea ), which can be found on his 2011 full length, You Are All I See.  Pat Grossi’s music was was cleverly described by someone as Choral disco; love it. So hard to choose which songs to share. The music will most likely cast a spell on you. One guy, guitars, synths, ‘glacial and gloomy music’ [not all of it is gloomy]. Yes please. Listen and dowload. It truly is worth the aural experience.

active child

songs: hanging on, you are all i see, wilderness, hanging on (white sea remix)

albums: you are all i see, curtis lane





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