Jose Gonzalez was born in Sweden by Argentine parents. Which, explains his spanish name, first and last. I discovered  Jose Gonzalez’s music a couple of years ago when I stumbled across his CD, In Our Nature. But the real first time I heard Jose Gonzalez was by chance actually. Just didn’t realize it was he who sang the beautiful song, Heartbeats. A cover from fellow Swedes, The Knife. I really thought it was originally his. I was completely wrong. But in my ears it is. His rendition of the song is so hauntingly beautiful, you’d think it was, he totally owns this song. He has done many covers, one that comes to mind is Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Anyway, the Swedish music scene is becoming one of my favorite regions. So many artists that I’m listening to are hailing from this country. Gonzalez dates fellow Swede Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon.

jose gonzalez

songs: heartbeats, cycling trivialities, fold

albums: veneer, in our nature






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  1. Donny says:

    He is like if James Taylor and Nick Drake had a love child! Haha, he is really good! I love the subtlties in his classical guitar mixed perfectly with his warm yet somewhat haunting vocals….

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