I heard The Phenomenal Handclap Band when I was watching an indie film and at the end while the credits were rolling was a song, 15 to 20 that caught my attention. So I looked them up and there it began. I love this bands name and their sense of music style. This group consists of 8 (sometimes 10) persons, all of them are equally talented. Their sound somewhat reminds me of Sly and the Family Stone. Founded by two NYC (Brooklyn) DJ’s, Daniel Collás and Sean Marquand. The Phenomenal Handclap Band is musically diverse with their multitudinous influences of blending funk, soul, reggae, dance and 60s/70s psychedelia, as well as rock, disco and electro. The songs are lyrically repetitive but it isn’t about that for me when it comes to this band. It’s all about the sound and how fun it is to listen to. They are so worth the listen and download!

the phenomenal handclap band

songs: 15 to 20, you’ll disappear, baby

album: the phenomenal handclap band

website: http://www.phenomenalhandclapband.com

(BABY link will re-direct you to watch on youtube, it is worth the aural experience)








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  1. Shannel says:

    You were right in thinking I would love this band because…I LOVE THIS BAND! Love that funk sound. Thank you for sharing!

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